Be Happy and Successful with Your Own American Dream

American Dream will Lead You to The True Happiness. Are you agree that there are many ways to be really successful and lucky person? We are definitely sure that every boy or girl is born to have the happy life. According to the popular phenomenon “American Dream”, anyone, notwithstanding where they were born or what class they were born into, may achieve their own success all by themselves. The American Dream is attained through hard work, risk-taking and sacrifice. You should know that the place where you came from or other factors do not determine your future.

The American Dream can be interpreted differently. For someone, it may be the passionate desire to be rich, for others, it is a friendly and loving family and an incredible opportunity to spend time together. One of the advantages of the American Dream is that people are able to maintain their life. They have the right to improve themselves and move ahead or be a loser and do nothing for better life. If you want to win, you cannot stand still! You should strive to be independent from others and be able to provide for yourself. Some people define the American Dream as “Simply Being Happy, No Matter What You Do”. You can have your own business or just work at the regular job, whatever, the main thing is that it brings you joy and pleasure. Like an essay writer or poem author, you are the creator of your own destiny and true happiness.

We always think about our future: ”What to do? How to achieve the set goals? Who can help?” these and other thoughts arise in our heads. It is right when people plan their future to be more confident in tomorrow. “Having the career of my dream!” is another interpretation of the American Dream. On the one side, it is true because living in a large and luxury apartment, having a good and powerful car and other material things that you can buy for money will make someone truly happy. On another side, there are people, who consider a big family and environment as the main secret of happiness. We have to remember that our life is not so long and we need to live it in full.

Never give up, it is also a basic element of American Dream. Be always decisive at every step and do not pay attention to any limitations, difficulties and other things that prevent you from enjoying the life. It is your time to open up new and new doors and determine what indeed brings you happiness. Be responsible for your own destiny and do your best to have the best reputation in the world.

If a person is not intelligent and wise, he/she has no interest to the world. Such people are unhappy and they need someone’s help and understanding. Man must be fed, studied and developed spiritually and only then he/she will strive for a bright life. “Beauty will save the world” – one of the modern slogans. They say it is about the beauty of the human soul. “To be happy and make others happy” it is the real essence of the American Dream. You have to go after your goals; you have to be willing to be uncomfortable because being uncomfortable is a part of achieving any kind of success; you have to be ready to push your boundaries.